Team HC Kunlun Red Star with photos.


Highlights of the last match.


Krisjanis Redlihs (Latvia)

The players of the entire HC Kunlun Red Star hockey team and coaches with a photo.

Head coach:

Head coach: Curt Fraser (USA/Canada)Curt Fraser (USA/Canada)

Team Staff:

Global ambassador: Wayne Gretzky(Canada)
Asst. Coach: Jyrki Aho(Finland)
Asst. Coach: Alexei Kovalev (Russia)
Goaltending Coach: Sakari Lindfors (Finland)
General Manager: Raitis Pilsetnieks(Latvia)
Team Manager: Nursultan Otorbayev(Kyrgyzstan)
Conditioning Coach: Matias Sarvela (Finland)
President: Raitis Pilsetnieks (Latvia)
Vice President: Nursultan Otorbayev(Kyrgyzstan)


Goaltender Tomi Karhunen (Finland)Tomi Karhunen (Finland)

Goaltender Alexander Lazushin (Russia)Lazushin Alexander (Russia)

Goaltender Derek Dun (Canada)Derek Dun (Canada)

Goaltender Zehao Sun (China)Zehao Sun (China)


Oskars Bartulis (Russia/Latvia)Oskars Bartulis (Russia/Latvia)

Tobias Viklund (Sweden)Tobias Viklund (Sweden)

Joonas Järvinen (Finland)Joonas Järvinen (Finland)

Defender Krisjanis Redlihs(Latvia)Krisjanis Redlihs (Latvia)

Defender Mikaël Tam (Canada / China)Mikaël Tam (Canada / China)

Forward / Defender Brayden Jaw (Canada / China)Jaw Brayden (Canada / China)

Defender Marc-André Gragnani (Canada)Marc-André Gragnani (Canada)

Defender Victor Bartley (Canada)Victor Bartley (Canada)

Ondrej Vitasek (Czech Republic)Ondrej Vitasek (Czech Republic)

Sam Lofquist (USA)Sam Lofquist (USA)

Zach Yuen (Canada /  China)Zach Yuen (Canada / China)

Ville Lajunen (Finland)Ville Lajunen (Finland)

BlakeBlake Parlett (Canada / Croatia)


Forward Wojtek Wolski (Poland / Canada)Wojtek Wolski (Poland / Canada)

Forward Chris Seto (Canada)Chris Seto (Canada)

Forward Martin St-Pierre (Canada/Kazakhstan)Martin St-Pierre (Canada/Kazakhstan)

Forward Drew Shore (USA)Drew Shore (USA)

Forward Kane Cory (USA / China)Kane Cory (USA / China)

Forward Lockhart Lucas (Canada / China)Lockhart Lucas (Canada / China)

Forward Josh Nicholls (Canada)Nicholls Josh (Canada)

Forward Greg Squires (USA / China)Squires Greg (USA / China)

Forward Yip Brandon (Canada / China)Yip Brandon (Canada / China)

Justin Fontaine (Forward HC Kunlun Red Star) Justin Fontaine (Canada)

Veli - Matti Savinainen (Finland)Veli - Matti Savinainen (Finland)

Michael Latta (Canada)Michael Latta (Canada)

Patrik Lundh (Sweden)Patrik Lundh (Sweden)

Tomas Mertl (Czech Republic)Tomas Mertl (Czech Republic)

Olli Palola (Finland)Olli Palola (Finland)

Johan Sundström (Sweden)Johan Sundström (Sweden)

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10NeftekhimikNeftekhimik 62233952
11Kunlun RSKunlun RS62204251
12AdmiralAdmiral 62233951

Points (g+a)

Yip Brandon211536
Ville Lajunen101828
Olli Palola19625
Taylor Beck (sold)91322
Justin Fontaine81422


Brandon Yip18
Olli Palola17
Taylor Beck (sold)9
Ville Lajunen9
Veli-Matti Savinainen9


Ville Lajunen15
Patrik Lundh14
Brandon Yip14
Justin Fontaine14
Taylor Beck (sold)13

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